L.A. Basin Repeaters

Cerro Negro Repeaters

Our two main repeaters are located in an old fire watch tower above the city of La Canada Flintridge on Cerro Negro Peak, about two miles from JPL. This site provides good coverage of the JPL campus and much of the Los Angeles basin.

Under normal operations, these two repeaters are linked together. The IRLP node links into this system via the 224.080 repeater's user input and output. In other words, the IRLP node looks just like another user on the system. There are plans to eventually put the IRLP on a 420 full-duplex link to help provide better control. The link to the Table Mountain repeaters is also via the 224.080 repeater.

There is also a link between this repeater system and Sunset Repeater Group repeater located on Sunset Ridge, above Pomona, in eastern Los Angeles. This is then linked to other repeaters in the basin. This link is controlled by the Sunset Repeater Group and they must be contacted before using this link.

-- NOTICE --

On August 23, 2013, the JPL repeaters located at the Cerro Negro Site were relocated to the JPL Mesa site. This move was at the request of the City of La Canada. The move to the JPL Mesa is temporary until a more permanent location is obtained. Please vist the JPL Mesa Page for more information.

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