L.A. Basin Repeaters

JPL Mesa Repeater

The JPL Mesa is currently home of the WR6JPL 147.150 repeater. We rebroadcast various NASA and JPL mission audio feeds when appropriate via the 147.150 repeater.

-- NOTICE --

On August 23, 2013, the JPL repeaters located at the Cerro Negro site were relocated to the JPL Mesa site. This move was at the request of the City of La Canada. The move to the JPL Mesa is temporary until a more permanent location is obtained.

JPL Mesa Repeater Info
Callsign Output Offset CTCSS
WR6JPL 147.150 + 0.6 100.0 (103.5 on output)
or DPL-365
WR6JPL 224.080 - 1.6 156.7
WR6JPL 445.200 - 5.0 103.5

JPL Mesa Repeaters Coverage Map
JPL Mesa Repeaters Coverage Map
Map provided by Bob Dengler NO6B.

Last Update: August 28, 2013 11:55:37

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